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Purchasing or upgrading CNC software is not an easy decision. The significant investment you made on a router needs to be paired with a software package that will unleash your full potential and exploit the power of your machine.EnRoute is the answer; it will drive your business anywhere you want it to go.

Each level in EnRoute is based on the same core application--making the upgrade path painless. As your business develops, all it takes is a new password to unlock the tools you need. The features you will have grown accustomed to are still there, but enhanced by the newly unlocked ones.

EnRoute does not penalize or force you to buy features you do find unnecessary. You only pay the price difference for the features you need.

We believe the package levels below are good solutions for a wide range of businesses. 

Scalable Solution - Whether you want software that will GROW your CAD/CAM business or you want software that will GROW WITH your CAD/CAM business, EnRoute 4 is the software for you!

EnRoute Basic

  • Ease-of-use that is unequalled in the industry. The Graphical User Interface is laid out logically, and gives you the option to work both visually and technically.
  • Don't just output, design and output all within EnRoute.
  • Save time. Associative Toolpaths keep an active link between the toolpath and the geometry, automatically recalculating accurately any time the geometry is changed (i.e. scale, resize, rotate).
  • Use Templates to utilize elements saved from previous jobs to simplify the design-to-production process.
  • Simple, not Simplistic. EnRoute 4 combines state-of-the-art technology with tools you can quickly learn, master and operate.
  • Avoid costly mistakes. EnRoute's rendering lets you easily preview your job before you send it to the router, potentially avoiding costly mistakes as well as wasted time and material
  • 100s of posts included with EnRoute 4, to all of the leading manufacturer's machines. If by some chance you don't see your machine listed, just ask!
  • User Profile:  Custom 2D parts and shapes.

EnRoute Plus

  • Quick Fit Nesting - Was never so easy! Just drag the object and it will automatically fit itself in the most space-efficient way, almost like the object can think for itself! The rotation and nesting parameters can still be controlled. 
  • User Profile: Custom 2D parts and shapes, fast decorative accents, production runs.

EnRoute Pro

  • Baroque Chamfer - This tool is unique to EnRoute and allows the user to replicate an effect that is very common in hand-carved work
  • Textures - The new textures available in EnRoute 4 provide a unique new ability to define surfaces using parameters. This provides the ability to create a virtually limitless selection of surfaces that can be saved to templates so that they are easily repeatable from job to job.
  • Relief Editing - The new relief editing tools provide a quick and simple method for editing any relief surface using tools that are similar to bitmap painting tools. This provides another powerful creative tool for relief creation.
  • User Profile: Custom 2D parts and shapes, fast decorative accents, production runs plus the ability to create full 3D 3 axis output.

The CNC Router Store is your one-stop source for EnRoute software to meet all your CNC Router needs.  To discuss licensing or upgrading your EnRoute software, call toll free 800-394-1128 or complete the form on our Contact Page and you'll hear back from us within one business day.