CNC Router Store - Americas #1 Dealer of New and Used CNC Routers

The CNC Router Store is one of the leading sales organizations in the United States specializing in used CNC Routers and new CNC Routers. A division of Plastimach Corp., The CNC Router Store is an excellent source for buying and selling late model CNC Routers amd equipment with nationwide contacts to find what you need or wish to sell. CNC Router Store also carries the full line of New Becker Vacuum Pumps. We carry all of the top American Made CNC Router types including: Used Thermwood CNC Routers, Used DMS CNC Routers, Used Multicam CNC Routers, Used Komo CNC Routers, Used C.R. Onsrud CNC Routers and More. CNC Router Store also represents New FMT Patriot CNC Routers and New CNT Motion Systems CNC Routers.  

Keven EpsteinKevin Epstein has over 10 years of experience assisting customers with the purchase and sale of new and used machinery. He specializes in the sale of new and used CNC Routers, lasers and Water Jet equipment. His vast understanding of specific applications allows him to advise smaller family owed businesses as well as fortune 500 companies. Mr. Epstein takes pride in helping businesses grow their manufacturing and automation capabilities without breaking the bank. Mr. Epstein has developed relationships with many of the Top American CNC Router manufactures and technicians including Thermwood, Diversified Machine Systems, Multicam, Quintax, Komo, CNT Motion Systems and Northwood. Mr. Epstein holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from SUNY Albany.