Check out the cool stuff this company is doing with their FMT Patriot CNC Router!

Every once in a while we are going to highlight a company doing a great job with one of our CNC Routers. Scott at Spindle Pilot purchased an FMT Patriot about a year ago. A few months back Scott sent me an email with a link to his company blog. The blog includes details and pictures of some of the products he has undertaken since purchasing his machine. Spindle Pilot is located in Rhode Island. He has a 4’x8′ FMT Patriot with Auto Tool Changer and Vacuum Hold Down.

Scott Wrote:

 I’ve been running an FMT 4×8 with a 5hp HSD spindle for the last 7 months and I’m one happy man. The company really stands by their product and are just great guys in general. You can check out my blog here for some of the stuff i’m doing with mine.

 I checked out his blog and Scott really has done some neat projects with his machine. Here are some photos of some of his projects:

Here’s a weave pattern roughed out in MDF.  It’s eventually going to be cut into a nice piece of cherry with a 1/8” ball nose bit.  This was roughed out with a 1/4” bit just to show the client something quick.


This is the Scott making a hardwood bowl. This is a somewhat complex part to program and requires full 3D machining software.

And there we have the finished product.

Great stuff Scott!


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